Rand a Metre – Pay it forward

Sponsor me a Rand a metre for the Cape Mile Swimming race on the 17th Feb. The funds raised will go towards my Nanny’s daughter Alizwa’s once in a life time school trip.

I don’t often do endurance sport in fact if you read my previous blog ‘The Battle of Long Claw’ you will realize such events are a rarity. However I decided that after endurance MTB races that a good old swim would be my next attempt at the extreme. Now a mile is no means that extreme but from what I hear its not too easy either. I have been recently inspired by an old university pal Cameron Bellamy who is now one of the world’s greatest endurance swimmers. He recently was the first person to swim unaided

Cameron Preparing to be the first person to swim unaided around Barbados

around Barbados swimming a mind boggling and body busting 96.4km in 40 hours. He has been subsequently nominated for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Man of The Year. An incredible feat that inspired me back into the water. I have always found water to be more buoyant than road and as a kid you could not drag me out the pool and sea. So I started training three months ago. When I tire in the pool after 200m I pictured Cameron in the water for 40 hours and I pushed on. So the race is on Sunday and believe I am at a stage that drowning is minimized.

With this in mind I have decided that racing for oneself is a start but lets up the anti and give something back. My nanny who looks after our daughter so wonderfully has three kids, the youngest, Alizwa is in her last year of junior school and has been invited on a school trip up the garden route. The trip is about environmental awareness and education. They will be taken to places that they might not ever see like the iconic Cango Caves and see a variety of animals in their natural habitats that the majority of people growing up in townships will never experience. Off course such a trip comes at a cost. This cost I would like you all to help me contribute too.

Vuyo & Alizwa

Please go onto Backabuddy and Sponsor R50 for 50m of my 1600m race. The funds raise will go towards Alizwa’s trip. She will also be fundraising to get the total amount.

So what has this got to do with beer? Well everything has everything to do with beer.

The amazing crazy gang at Drifter Brewing Company have donated a bottle of the rare and limited Ocean Aged Triple. A Belgian style strong beer that is submerged off the coast of Cape Town and aged under the sea, barnacles and all. Its an amazing beer and seen as a collectors item. All those who sponsor R50 for 50m will get entered into a raffle to win this amazing prize. Drifter’s purpose is adventure, creativity and community. All of which this little project encompasses. Thanks guys, you are awesome.

Thanks in advance to all those of you that donate. You are donating to someone you might never meet which shows a sense of the greater community. For that myself and Alizwa are grateful.


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