Mash No.7 – At Hops End

I mash in with Wendy and Julian Pienaar from Just Brewing and the organisers of the Beer Boot Camp who are currently setting up a brewpub in a stunning setting in the Modderfontein Nature Reserve.

The Pienaars embody the pioneering spirit of our growing industry and are taking the leap of faith into full time brewery and pub owners. Their enthusiasm is evident and not many people in SA have contributed more to the growth and education of the beer industry through their Beer Boot Camp Conference. Listen to the end for breaking news of next years event’s  international guest speakers. Its amazing!

It was a great pleasure to spend time with them at the soon to be officially opened ‘At Hops End’ Brewpub.

Let’s Mash In

*Just a note on recording quality. This podcast was Recorded at At Hops End which is a work in progress – while the roof is on the walls have not been completed so the recording was essentially el fresco and open to the elements including some wind so apologies for poor sound quality at times. It does however give you sensory introduction to the tranquility of the environment that At Hops End is been developed on. 

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