Mash No.6 – Brewster’s Craft

In this Mash I chat with Apiwe Nxusani- Mawela from Brewster’s Craft. Apiwe is one of those people you meet you instantly realize that she is driven. Quiet and calm on the exterior she exudes passion for the industry.  

A formally trained Master Brewer she rose through the ranks at SAB and then moving to Brewhogs.

After brewing lagers she got a taste for ales and the creativity and variety that has driven the craft scene. After taking too previous leaps of faith she has now decided to go on her own and has founded Brewster’s Craft. The facility in Joburg will run an academy for training future brewmasters, a lab for testing and controlling quality and a contract brewery.

Her purpose is to empower people and Brewster’s Craft embodies that drive. When I visited in September she was still waiting on those big bureaucratic wheels to turn to gain the relevant licenses so the facility was still a work in progress. I am delighted to hear that those licenses have been granted so not long before the first mash. Let’s Mash in.

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