Beer Whisperer bids farewell to Beerhouse.

After five and half years the time has come for me to bid farewell to my beloved yellow house of beer.

It has been a journey like no other which saw the best of times and the worst of times.

We are the current guardians of the world’s oldest and greatest beverage and it’s been my privilege to be a foot soldier in the great beer revolution.

My journey started when I first tasted a cask single hopped Citra pale ale all those years ago in London. I had a ‘parting of the sky and shining light’ moment of clarity, “Ah that’s what beer tastes like”. That ‘penny drop’ moment sent me on a journey of beer evangelism. I just had to preach the good word of beer. After returning home to Cape Town Beerhouse gave me the perfect platform to convert the masses. Seeing that moment of clarity happen over and over again with staff and guests was what drove me. It became my purpose and it was one hell of a ride from great victories to painful losses.

Its been a privilege to co-create what has become one of SA’s most unique and exciting hospitality brands from scratch with just a ‘crackpot’ idea and some serious elbow grease and dedication. I have tasted some incredible beers and food, seen breweries grow from garage hack jobs to high flying commercial ventures. I have witnessed the full range of human emotions and observed incredibly passionate people battling away at their labour of love. The best thing about beer industry is the community of people that share a common passion.

My DNA is in the business from the drinks, food, the brands narrative and events. But what I will truly miss is the people. I did not teach the staff to build a ship, I rather inspired them to yearn for the sea. Every person who walked into our yellow house was a beer lover whether they knew it yet or not. We had a beer for everyone and the staff were trained to navigate our beerlovers through beer land. Training and sharing of knowledge have become my passion and massively rewarding. I will miss those daily interactions with people that make hospitality so fulfilling. I will miss my extended family, warts and all.

The duty of beer evangelism is never done. I am planning on spending time with my family to reflect on what has been an incredible journey over the last 5 years. I have a few exciting ideas for my next journey that will inevitably revolve around storytelling, brand building, community building, knowledge sharing, food and booze. You can follow my journey here

I will be cheering on Beerhouse as it grows and celebrating its victories and will always remain a friend of the yellow house.

I have captained this yellow ship through some stormy seas and off the rocks on a few occasions. It’s bow now points out to the big blue ocean primed to sail to the next horizon.

I will leave you with a quote from one of the world’s greatest bartenders that has always resonated with me.

“I fell in love with bars because of the uninhibited, disordered and surprising way life unfolds at the bar. The only logical progression in my life has been the wealth of characters that crossed my path, leaving their sweet, sour, strong, and weak for me to ponder.” Dale DeGroff

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Cheers for the beers

Catch me for one last Meet The Brewers Event at Long Street and Fourways in October.  We will be tasting SA’s finest wild and sour beers.

Wild Side – Meet The Brewers –

Long Street – 10th October – Click HERE for info and tickets

Fourways – 30th October Click HERE for info and tickets


11 Replies to “Beer Whisperer bids farewell to Beerhouse.”

  1. Wow! What a bombshell. Wishing you and your family all the very best in your new journey. I often reflect on our first meeting at Beerhouse Fourways where I proposed our Silent Disco offering to you. Since then with the support of you and Randolf we have grown our brand and yours as the “Home” is Silent Disco and had many awesome parties 🎉 with you guys. (some with too much Beer and Tequila!🙈)
    Thanks Mate, hope to see you in October.


    1. Thanks Uncle Tony, yeah we really did good with Fourways Silent Disco. I reckon if you took a poll titled, what is Beerhouse Fourways known for? Beer would probably come first:) Followed by Silent disco. Great working with you Tony, always proactive and positive. Our paths will cross again. Cheers


  2. Thanks Murray for all that you have done already for beer culture in South Africa. Please keep up with your outstanding love and effort to support good beers!
    I wish you all the best for your new venture and enjoy your family!



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