Mash No. 4 – Frasers Folly

In this Mash I meet up with Fraser Crighton, Founder and head brewer of Fraser’s Folly. A Brit of Scottish heritage followed his wife back to her home in Struisbaai. He quickly got GATVOL with the beer variety in his new home he decided to brew his own.

He was home brewing while studying Viticulture and Oenology. He Started small 20L batches that grew to 100L and now a 700L system which is now situated on the Black Oyster Catcher farm on the way to the most southern tip of Africa. A stunning place with a old world charm and incredible warm hospitality. If you have not visited make plans..

Fraser’s Flagship beer is the sessionable Pale Ale which  always intended to be a low ABV Sierra Nevada Clone that evolved into a Cape Pale Ale with a British malt background.

He is not scared to experiment and has a barrel program which includes ‘lambic style’ spontaneous fermented beers and bold Barley Wines aged in Brandy cask.

I visited him at the brewery two nights before what turned out to be a very successful inaugural On Tap at the TIP beer Festival which showcased 10 Overberg based breweries.

Let Mash In.

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