Murray Slater

A foot soldier in the Great Beer Revolution. Consultancy, public speaker, writer and podcast producer.  A Bachelor of Journalism ( BJourn, Rhodes), qualified beer judge (BJCP), writer (FHM, Imbibe UK, OnTap Mag),  Podcast Producer ( The Mash Tun), Trainer and Consultant. Founder of Once drank beer for refreshment, then flavour complexity, now both.

Murray Slater (Beer Whisperer Consulting) has a proven track record in creating engaging  resource materials and training methods for hospitality staff.

During his time at Beer Revolution Pty Ltd ( Beerhouse) he created service, product knowledge and equipment maintenance training courses and manuals .

Combining this with a focused incentives program has produced the best equipped staff in South Africa to sell beer.  This included training the trainers

Many of his staff have progressed on to become leaders in hospitality and valuable assets in other parts of the beer industry.

He has a drive and passion to broaden the footprint of the beer industry and sees education as the most vital tool in shaping competitive advantage and  increasing sales volumes

Sell More Beer

Currently a lot of time, finance, resource and effort is invested into creating a consistent product that is effectively branded and marketable so to capture a large footprint of consumers that in turn generate sustainable growth through maximum beer volume.

However not enough resource is invested into the journey of the beer from tap to table. This is a critical moment. This is the missing link. The market is becoming increasingly competitive with many brands all competing for the same counter space. The way to the consumer conscience is through delivery and pitch of outlet staff. Every one of them can be converted into ambassadors for your brand.

You can fill this resource gap through out-sourcing specialised education resource that is Beer Whisperer Consultancy (BWC). The service will upskill staff actively selling your products at strategic outlets. A combination of product knowledge training and incentivisation of staff is necessary to empower them to actively sell your Products.

BWC will transform  passive staff into emotionally and financially invested sales force.

It will also equip your sales force core training competencies to increase sustained brand awareness.

This will give you competitive advantage.

Training Objectives

Close a performance and knowledge gap possessed by employees at key outlets.

The gap is the difference between the current skills or knowledge of the employee and the skills or knowledge required of them to become brand ambassadors

Ambassador will have sound knowledge of brewing process, four key ingredients, difference between lager and ale and basic understanding of beer faults and primary indication.

BWC will transform  passive staff into emotionally and financially invested sales force.

Focused knowledge upskilling of products including  Ingredients, flavour profiles, how to pitch and what food to suggest

Key Account employees will be evaluated and trained on how to serve beer from pouring technics to proper glass handling and cleaning.

Equipment maintenance training will equip staff with trouble shooting ability and increase site self sustainability.

Upskill and train the companies sales force for sustained brand awareness and empowerment.

Consultancy Focus Areas

  • Keg to Tap – beer curation
  • Tap To Table –   front line staff training and incentives
  • Menu Curation & Design
  • Bar Design and Functionality